Hall of Fame
Just a note about the Hall of Fame.  Unfortunately we do not have all the information from all the years of the Hall of Fame recipients.  So if your name is not listed here, please feel free to let us know the information. 
                                  Wasson High School Alumni Association Hall of Fame

Gib Funk - Football Coach                               Coach Dick Westbay - Coach and Athletic Director           

Shirley Snyder - Coach                                      1971 State Championship Football Team and Coaches

Goose Gossage - 1970                                       2013 Basketball Team, Coaches and Coach Copeland

William White III - 1978

Scott Johnson - 1979

Cindy Cole - 1983

Angie Raynor - 1985

Thomas L. Falgien - 1996 Educator

Marlene Bjornsrud - 1971

Randy Schranz - 1966
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